Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | November 7, 2011

Talisker Whisky signs up as Headline Sponsor of the Atlantic Rowing Race 2011!

This is certainly exciting news, although we’re not quite sure what it means for us yet. There’s a launch event at St Katharine’s Dock near Tower Bridge on Wednesday, so we should find out more then, but things that have been mentioned are that they might provide all crews with video cameras (which would be good for us because our video camera is decidedly dodgy), and possibly do a charity fund-raising tour of supermarkets in eth UK with a Talisker-branded ocean rowing boat whilst the race is in progress.

We’ll keep you posted, but here’s their press release in the meantime:

Having this new element thrown into the mix at this late stage has left us feeling vulnerable, as we’re aware that our skills and experience in whisky-drinking are extremely limited. Fortunately, various friends – thanks, Baz and Geraint – have kindly offered to coach us and even give expert demonstrations!

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