Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | October 18, 2011

Didi’s Down in Devon

Most ocean rowers agree that a campaign involves 2 main phases – getting to the start line, and then getting from there to the finish line. So it’s a huge relief that we’ve now completed the main task in getting to the start line, which is delivering the boat to Devon when she will be transported out to La Gomera, the Canary Island from which we start. Richard drove her down to Totnes yesterday VERY CAREFULLY – fully laden, she was close-ish to the towing weight limit for our car.

Hi Helena – am trying a blog ‘edit!? Lisa

She’ll be transported on a double decker trailer (as if being painted like a tiger doesn’t already get enough double takes on the motorway) by road to Portsmouth, thence across the Bay of Biscay by ferry to Santander, then driven again down through Spain and Portugal, where she’ll get another ferry from Portimao to Somewhere on the east coast of Tenerife, then be driven to the west coast of that small island, where she’ll get her final ferry to San Sebastian, the capital and main port on La Gomera. Probably in about a week’s time. She’ll be travelling in a convoy of 2 such trailers, so with 3 other boats in total, 2 of which we know are “BoxNumber8” and “Patience” (so named presumably because you need Patience to row an ocean?), both of whom we met on our first training weekend down in Christchurch back in August – our first real taste of getting to know the “Class of 2011”.

So, now we have just under 5 weeks to work our way through quite a long list of to-dos and to-buys as well as upping our training again, which has somewhat gone by the wayside over the past 3 weeks of courses and boat prep. We’ll keep you posted!

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