Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | October 12, 2011

Packing it all in

First of all, apologies to those who have subscribed to this blog for email updates – I’ve been having to send through quite a few test mails over the past few days, but I’ve finally manage dto figure out how to attach pictures in a small enough size that they will transmit in a half-sensible time, and also how to do a send from our dear little IPAQ PDA over the sat phone when the sat phone is connected to the external antenna (necessary because a sat phone antenna has to have a clear view of the sky to “see” the satellites, and if you take it out on deck to achieve that, you risk it getting wet, and sat phones and water are a combination like custard and ketchup – it should never happen). This involved buying a new external antenna as the existing one didn’t deliver enough bars of signal for data transfer, and also tearing my hair out for an afternon as the IPAQ then refused to talk to the sat phone (pressing the rest button eventually sorted without – to my surprise – also wiping the IPAQ).

Anyway, all that DOES now work, but very slowly because there isn’t a version of mail compression software for Windows CE/Mobile, so I’m now writing this from our 2nd hand Toughbook laptop, which had been Plan A for comms, but had then been abandoned becure it has a tendency to blue screen. But having upgraded Firefox (as if that should make a difference), it seems to be behaving. However, I’m using it to test this.

We now have 4.5 days to pack everything in the boat – photos to follow once we start this. Everything SHOULD fit in, because previous crews have achieved this, but our dining room/kitchen/garage/conservatory are awfully full of stuff and it’s only a 23ft boat!

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