Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | June 25, 2011

Some of the To Do list is now Done

There will come a blissful point, hopefully about 2 days before the race starts, when everything has finally been done. Right now, I couldn’t even write down EVERYTHING that needs to be done, although I do have a moderate grasp of both the big picture, and also the immediate next actions.

And in this vein, after training today, I refitted the fire extinguisher bracket (kindly repaired by TVSC members), the fire blanket, the straps for the man overboard rescue thingy, put back the stretchers (even though the stroke one will have to be moved and both need new footplates) and the seats, stuck on the Environment Agency license, put the mattresses in, bodged the dodgy connection on Battery 2 (R will do it properly in due course), Araldited the ends back on the ventilation screws, refitted the main water tank, painted one set of blades orange (Stage 1 of the cutest blade livery ever), cleaned all the fenders and found various ties to attach them with that will no doubt bring proper sailors out in hives as they’re not ropes and they’re most certainly not spliced, and came to the grim conclusion that most of the deck hatches that we replaced will have to be replaced again as we over-tightened the screw/bolts and the wretched things are almost as cracked as their predecessors and this lot haven’t even been to sea.

Now I’d better write the next “next actions” list.

(No photos as camera at Peterborough J14 regatta with R.)

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